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CMS Pages
What is a CMS? CMS (Content Management System or Content Management System version) is a software product developed as a web application that provides functionality for managing a website.
Pages CMS allows non-technical users to make changes in website pages, the user can create and organize content with great ease, using a text editor like Word. The application is designed for customers who want to maintain their own website.

Advantages of CMS pages

  • Is platform-independent (Linux or Windows);
  • Is based on templates;
  • Includes basic modules for the administration of the website:
  • Gives a full overview of the site through a secure web interface based on a user and password
  • Integrates webforms contact me with reference information or request by email
  • Has built its own search engine;
  • Allows attaching of tags (labels) for content;
  • Can be customized according to customer specifications and then upgraded with new features and modules
  • Can be adapted for both companies and individuals;
  • MySQL - found in a majority of hosting providers);